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Blades of golden titanium streak delightfully through this rutilated quartz cabochon pet charm set in sterling silver.

This stone resonates with the joy of living, something that our animal friends are the greatest teachers of. Rutilated quartz amplifies this energy so that the animal is able to convey it better to their humans. In addition, quartz is the ideal stone to hold the unique vibration of the pet themselves. As the pet wears the stone, their energies are imprinted in it. Thus, the human can hold or wear the stone when they want to be more connected to their animal's energy when physically apart.

The stone can be worn for the lifetime of the pet, and then removed and remounted to another setting at a later time. This way, the human can keep the energy of their pet loud and present, even after the pet has crossed over.

Spring clip easily attaches to a collar. Weighs 7.5 grams, the ideal size for a large cat or a large small or medium-sized dog.

Please inquire about personal engraving on the back of the piece.

Metaphysical Fine Jewelry for the Soul