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This ring is created with one of the top three stones I recommend useful for everyone. Black Tourmaline is one of the most helpful crystals in your personal kit as it is so useful for helping one to recycle negative energy into energy that is productive, happy, and useful.

Tourmalines are naturally piezoelectric. When pressure is applied to a tourmaline, it will develop electrical poles along its long axis with one side being positively charged and the other negatively charged. This physical property has a metaphysical parallel where negative energy can be transmuted into neutral or positive energy.

In particular, black tourmalines are especially gifted in transmuting negative energies. These energies can come in the form of negative thoughts sent from others or even negative thoughts sent to one's self. Black tourmaline acts as the ultimate transmutor of these base human energies of frustration, anger, and sadness, among others and recycling the energy that can then be more positively used.

Most black tourmalines found in these forms are mechanically tumbled into shape. But this form of black tourmaline has been tumbled over eons though the action of river water. Water itself is a most pliant element following the least path of resistance and desires to go to the lowest place. Yet it will sculpt the hardest of landscapes carving through mountains of stone.

Because black tourmalines help to recycle negative energy into a neutral or positive polarity and the water element is connected to the qualities of emotion, this ring is especially useful for helping one recycle negative energies that affect emotions. You can wear this ring when you are out in the world dealing with everyone else's expression of negative energies while you are out in the throng of humanity and all the drama it could can bring. The idea is for the ring to be your metaphysical sword and shield.

With your ring you can continually transmute the negative energy around you, recycling each experience, each dart thrown purposefully (or inadvertently) your way into energies and situations where you come out on the upside so you are always using negative energies to your advantage. 

These unisex rings are made with FAIRMINED gold certifying that the gold has been sourced from eco, artisanal, fair-trade mines. Each river tumbled black tourmaline is unique both in exact size and shape and thus each piece lending itself to its own distinct beauty to assist transforming the energy around you.

  • 14K Fairmined Yellow Gold
  • Varying sizes
Metaphysical Fine Jewelry for the Soul