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This pendant is inspired by award-winning gemstone cutter Jean-Noel Soni’s first trip to Los Angeles where he became enamored with her Art Deco style. A hallmark of Art Deco design, rising vertical columns symbolized the optimism of growth in the age of modern machines allowing cities to reach further into the skies with ever taller skyscrapers. This pendant is made to celebrate what is loved about Los Angeles with the hustle and bustle and constant generation of new and exciting ideas. But that which is so loved can also be its greatest curse and moving through this high-energy city can often leave us feeling disconnected to the nature on Earth which sustains us.

Piezoelectric tourmalines are especially suited for regulating electromagnetic energies of cities as well as a premier stone for working with regulating electrical systems within the body.  Green tourmaline specifically deals with healing the heart both emotionally and physically and also for connecting the heart to the electromagnetic vibrations of Mother Earth even when walking over L.A.’s concrete streets or driving on her endless freeways. 

This ultra green 4.23 carat Brazilian tourmaline with a one of a kind gem cut by gem stone artist Jean-Noel Soni features a unique design of diagonal facets intersecting in the center. Set in 18K gold on a 20” rolo chain, the green tourmaline is flanked by four natural black tourmaline crystals with their natural etchings intact, black tourmaline being the most excellent transmutor of electronic electromagnetic energy as well as transmutor of negative psychic energy into beneficial useable energy to the wearer.

This jewelry piece is intended for someone who is deeply connected to Art Deco era Los Angeles or for someone who calls Los Angeles their home to help them stay connected to the nature and land that nurtures them as they thrive within the mechanics of the city we love so dearly.

  • 4.23 Nigerian Tourmaline
  • Natural Black Tourmaline Crystals
  • 18K Yellow Gold
  • 20" Rolo Chain
    Metaphysical Fine Jewelry for the Soul