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In the beginnings of our physical being the first organ to develop is the heart. It beats rhythmically weeks before the brain even begins to separate into lobes. Even in this time of intense accelerated growth, the core center of our being, the heart, is the oldest, most experienced, and wisest organ of our whole body.

Every moment of our life contains a juncture requiring a decision as simple as which way to turn, or on the other end, a decision involving multiple layers of nuance and complexity. Our lives are created from the culmination of these decisions and in each decision lies the circumstances we create for our future. Often we rely on the analytical masterpiece of our brains weighing one side against another. But our brains cannot comprehend the infinite potentialities that exist and even then its calculations are too often swayed by fear.

This ring is made with the intention to help the wearer remember to make the wisest decisions from the highest place within themselves, deep in the heart.

This ring can be worn two ways. Worn with the arrow pointing out toward the world, it is a reminder that no matter what decision you make, you will learn and gain experience, leading to the inner knowing that whatever decision made will eventually be the right one. Worn with the arrow pointing in, it is a reminder to follow your fingers, up the arms, to the center of oneself where the heart will always make the decision leading to greater happiness.

The point of the arrow contains a .85 carat Nigerian sapphire trilliant cut by gem artist Jean-Noel Soni. An ombre of deep soulful blue rises from the bottom to the clear white sapphire tip at the point.

Just gazing upon the deep blue of this sapphire invokes a feeling of calm, toning down any mental chatter, calming any indecisiveness of the mind. By turning down the volume of the part of the brain built to be overly concerned, blue sapphire helps one tune in and hear the deep wisdom of their spiritual self residing within the heart which so quietly and patiently urges this gentle movement toward happiness. 

The clear white point of the sapphire helps bring clarity to the spiritual connection between the mind and the physical body helping to translate the experiences from the physical realm to the realm of the 3rd eye in a way the brain can more consciously understand.

This is a ring to center one's mind so you can hear the wisdom of your heart.

  • .85 Ombre Nigerian Sapphire
  • Hand finished matte 18k yellow gold
  • Size 5
    Metaphysical Fine Jewelry for the Soul